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We are at a crucial point in our history where the role of the business is more important than ever. Since we see just how vital a role we have in the function and flow of the Greater System comprising of the human society and our natural world, we feel it is our dharma to consistently meet or exceed the expectations and aspirations of the consumers of the goods and services that we produce and market. The divine purpose of Business is to bring flow and wellbeing to everything within Creation. However, most of us think that there is no place for idealism in the present day business world. This belief comes mainly from those kinds of businesses which are promoted by those who commence their business with a micro purpose - the purposes that addresses the needs and desires of individuals and their immediate family members. The next level is when businesses are driven by a deep-rooted desire to address the needs of others. This is where the focus is upon service and connection to others. This may be called the macro purpose of the business. But even the macro purpose can often leave sensitive, service-focused business owners drained, especially when they continually find themselves in scenarios where they give more than they receive. The highest level is the 'meta-purpose' or the purpose of all businesses. To be in touch with the meta-purpose of our business means to be driven by a sense of heart-felt duty to serve the needs of the Greater System. We are conscious of the 'meta-purpose' of our business or our business dharma.

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